Posted by Colin & Jenny Ayling


Well after Andrew’s rough start to the week when he was bitten by a dog, the rest of our week flew by quite ok. Andrew is healing well, and Chris and I are encouraged as we work with the preschool team [5 from Maziotela and 5 from Naclue village.]
Also we’re very excited that Colin is back on Monday…BUT…
Unfortunately this afternoon a BIG fire started out in the forest… initially it started off the farm, but it is well into Maziotela forest tonight and today was HOT and WINDY…and the wind is still blowing tonight.
It is moving towards us and because it is so large we really see no options [back-burning etc.]  other than pray for a miracle…and fight it if it comes. So please will you pray with us??

Last week one of our leaders phoned for prayer as there was a big fire near his village and one child had already been killed …and Praise God the fire turned and missed his village.
Another wonderful blessing is that Esperanca has recovered and she is now walking again…

Thank you so much, and we so appreciate your love and prayers
Love and Blessings