Con & Marian Vollebregt

Church Oversight/Dir. of Music
Con and Maralyn

The Vollebregts have been attending Featherston A/G for about thirty years. They lived in Greytown and now Featherston. Con and Marian have three children, one girl and two boys. Marian works as a part-time coordinator for special needs preschool Wairarapa children and Con is a fitter/turner. Family time with the grandchildren is special and the Vollebregts enjoy reading, crafts, making things, horse riding and missions.

Con is part of the church oversight as well as the director of music and Marian is an outreach assistant in Women’s Ministry for the church.

Contact Con for anything regarding the worship team or Marian for prayer support.

Favorite Family Scriptures:
John 12:24
Proverbs 2:1-4
Proverbs 4:5-9