Posted by Shirley Jamieson


Jump Start into Faith

Shirley Jamieson (300 words excluding title)

“Dad,” I said, pointing to the chart on evolution in my school Biology textbook. “It says that all life evolved slowly. Where’s God in all this?”

“Remember, the theory of evolution is just that: a theory,” Dad said. He was studying all the facets of evolution versus creation and wanted to write his own book.

“But isn’t evolution based on science?” I persisted, confident he’d handle any sticky question I asked.

“If evolution were true, Shirley, I don’t see how there could be any kangaroos.”

“Kangaroos!” Surprised, I laughed out loud. “What about them?”

“You see, when a kangaroo is born he is underdeveloped, about the size of a bee. He must get into his mother’s pouch to survive.”

“So the mother picks him up and pops him in?”

“No. The amazing fact is that the only parts of the tiny creature properly formed are his front legs and paws. He claws his way up his mother’s fur into the pouch.”

I took a moment to think. “Wow, that’s incredible!” The odds for it to happen by chance were impossible. There would be no leeway for transitional stages. What if mother kangaroos hadn’t evolved pouches, for instance?

“Yes, God creates with meticulous detail,” Dad agreed. “The tiny baby kangaroo is too weak to hold on to his mother’s teat or even suck. Her teat is shaped to seal into his mouth, and special muscles eject milk straight in.” He smiled. “And it’s just one of the countless examples I could show you. Evolution cannot explain any of them.”

It sounded like the survival of the weakest, not the fittest.

A sense of awe filled me.

“It would take far more faith to believe evolution to be true than to have faith in God the Creator,” I said in sudden understanding.