Small Groups

There are a wide range of groups that make up our church activities during the week.

Here are some of the bible studies, outreaches, rostered church duties and community activities you can be a part of.

Home Groups
These are bible studies/discussion/fellowship/prayer groups during the week

Tuesday Nights | All Welcome | SeeĀ Henri van de Weyer for details

Wednesday Nights | Ladies Only | See Shirley Jamieson for details

Wednesday Nights | Men’s Community Group Bible Study | See Christopher Buri for details

Thursday Nights | Altar Ministry & Equipping | See Hennie Basson for details

General Church Services
These are church-based services, some rostered, that happen during the week. If you would like to help serve in this area please get in touch.

Prayer | Monday – Saturday 6AM | Church Lounge | All Welcome | See Mike Meehan for details

Sunday Worship | See Gareth Norman for details

Gatekeepers/Door Greeters for Sunday Mornings | See Mike & Janet Meehan for details

Weekly Church Cleaners | See Mike & Janet Meehan for details

Children’s Services
These are church-based services for children that take place. If you like to help serve in this area please get in touch.

Friday Club | All Children Welcome | Click here for details

Sunday School | All Children Welcome | See Susan Walker for details

Community Activities & Outreaches
These are ministries outside the church that you can help with or get help from.

Iconz | All Boys (8-12yrs) Welcome | See John Traill or Gareth Norman for details

Prison Ministry | Click here for details

Parenting Assistance | See Susan Walker for details

Featherston Community Groups | See Janet Meehan for details

Hosanna Dancers | Click here for details

Chaplaincy | See John Traill or Janet Meehan for details