Prision Ministry


Mission statement

‘To bring Jesus to the prisoners that they may have a chance to hear the message of hope and salvation.’

We are a group of believers from a variety of churches in the Wairarapa who visit Rimutaka Prison on Sundays. Some of us visit in the afternoon, some of us visit in the evening, depending on which group of inmates we are to see. Some of us go once a month, some once a fortnight, some once a week. So there is a good variety of times and we are able to tailor them to suit.

Once “inside”, we will meet a group of inmates who have chosen to come out to have “church”. There could then be singing, laughter, teaching, fellowship and discussion of the bible.

What we do is voluntary, though we are called by God, and I believe we are often as blessed by the inmates as they are hopefully blessed by us!

For further information or if you would like to get involved please get in contact.

Henri van de Weyer

Home Phone: 06 3088 031
Cell Phone: 027 6575 039