All Christians belong to the body of Christ – the Church

As church attendees, all have the opportunity to serve and receive spiritual encouragement, to be disciplined, trained and developed, and receive pastoral care.
There may come a time however when someone feels they want to belong or become more involved in a local church, and this is called ‘membership’ or ‘partnership.’

Membership is voluntary and comes with values and standards that demonstrates a desire to unite with and contribute to the local church of their choice. Only church members have the right to vote and the opportunity to be appointed as leaders.

The Featherston Assembly of God Oversight team welcomes applications for membership.

We believe that each person has a unique place in the Body of Christ and look forward to empowering and releasing you as you develop your walk with Jesus, and supporting you as you become more involved in the life of this church.

Application for Membership

Persons seeking membership must apply by completing this Partnership Application, please click the link below to download the form in .PDF.

The Church Oversight consider all applications and approve acceptable applicants

Please print this document, fill it out and give it to John or Eileen.

Partnership Form Download