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Here are some short clips about this very topic. Enjoy!

Mark Driscoll answers the question, “Does God care about your job?” As Christians, we don’t worship our work. Our work is an opportunity to worship Jesus.

Jesus’ worship didn’t begin the day he started preaching, teaching, and healing. Jesus worshiped the day he began obeying. Jesus was perfectly under authority and now rules in authority. Whatever your job is—paid or unpaid—those are the good works that God prepared in advance for you to do. We’re not saved by our works; we’re saved to our works by Jesus’ works.

Bonnie Wurzbacher, Sr. Vice President at The Coca-Cola Company, talks about the importance of being partners with God in our every day.

Boyd Clarke, Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Industry Consultant, talks about God’s investment in His creation and the work we do as a part of it.

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